Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Farewell from Heather Maddan

Here's a note that Heather Maddan sent to the newsroom last week:

Today was my last day at The Chronicle. Thank you to all the inspiring, dedicated and talented people who made my seven years at the newspaper so interesting and enjoyable. In some ways I never thought I'd leave - believing that in the remarkable city of San Francisco there will always be a place for print journalism, but an unexpected opportunity came and I'm on my way. Starting Monday, I'll be working for Sugar, Inc. as the editor of the soon to be launched baby website, lilsugar.com. Though I am excited about my next endeavor, I am sad to leave my post as a Style reporter where I have been fortunate enough to work for Anastasia Hendrix, a creative genius who runs two sections with a great sense of humor and hardly any staff. And, Meredith White who always had an open door when I needed to pitch a story or complain about unprocessed paperwork. A special thanks to Peter Hartlaub for letting me contribute to his ingenious baby blog, The Poop. And, Dick Rogers who encouraged me long after my stint in Readers Rep.

I've appreciated every opportunity this company has given me and plan to remain a faithful reader of the paper - wishing all of you much success.

Heather Maddan

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