Monday, June 4, 2007

We're thinking of you

Losing your job can be devastating. But we, your colleagues at The Chronicle, hope to make it a little less devastating.

The goal of this blog is to share information that will help your transition. For those who lost their job, you might want to provide your contact info so we can reach you (either by posting a comment or sending us an e-mail). This also could be the place for you to ask for help, be it on a personal or professional level.

For those still at The Chronicle, maybe there's something you want to offer, be it job leads, career resources, or simply a friendly voice.

For starters, we in multimedia want to offer you whatever help we can. If you plan to seek a job in journalism, chances are that you're going to be asked about your multimedia expertise. Whether you're a veteran multimedia journalist or someone who still isn't clear on what a podcast is, please feel free to contact us by email or cell. Think of us as your multimedia consultants (minus, of course, any fee).

Marcus Chan,, cell is 415-652-8800
Benny Evangelista,
Justin Beck,, cell is 510-332-3719

But this blog isn't just about multimedia. As we get more organized, we'll make sure that the right people (from various departments) are running this blog in the way that's most beneficial to you.

Also, please note the tone of this blog, which is to support one another. No doubt there are plenty of people who are angry about this situation -- we ask that you choose another venue to express those feelings. Thanks in advance.

And on that note, expect a really useful post coming soon listing some links to journalism job sites. (We'll post permanent links in a separate column a little later.)

UPDATE: More colleagues to call on -- Dan Jung, photo editor and producer of audio slideshows and 360-degree views, has also offered his help for those wanting advice in his areas of expertise. E-mail him at


Colleagues who care


Brenda said...

Consider a career in the business world. There's great jobs for editors and writers out there. (Besides on-call copy editing for The Chronicle, I've been successfully free-lancing in the corporate world for more than 7 years.) Also, if you're not already on LinkedIn, check it out at It's a great way to stay connected with all the people you know who can help you find work.

Here's a posting for a senior Web editor at Autodesk, a company I'm currently doing some contract work writing and editor for their Web site. (Please note, I'm a contractor, not an employee, so cannot do anything to help anyone get this job.) More information available at, click on Careers, Job Search, and search for jobs in San Francisco.

61230-Senior Editor
Posted 25-May-2007
Location: 1 Market San Fran, CA
Ideas. Scrawled on a drawing board or scribbled on a napkin, they drive us—what we do and who we are. Whether it’s a building or a bridge, a complex machine or that scary thing on the screen, they all began with the thought that something new could be done. There is a company that thinks in such ways and is wholly focused on helping people experience their ideas before they’re real. That company is Autodesk, the world's leading digital design company for the building, manufacturing, infrastructure, digital media and wireless data services fields. And we’re looking for a senior editor who knows how to be creative.

In addition to being responsible for establishing and implementing style and process guidelines, the senior editor will copyedit, fact-check, proofread and/or quality-check a wide variety of print, Web, interactive, and event marketing materials, including layouts, Web content, and printers’ proofs.

Working closely with writers, designers, and account managers, you'll also make sure multiple projects hit their deadlines in a sometimes-fast-paced environment. So if your editing chops are razor-sharp, your strategic thinking stellar, and your interpersonal skills finely polished, apply now.

Key Responsibilities

# Edit copy for a wide range of marketing deliverables, including product brochures, solutions brochures, data sheets, Web content, corporate collateral, and other sales tools.
# Work with writers, designers, project managers, and internal clients to move projects from concept to completion.
# Establish and promote editorial guidelines.
# Help refine and promote the Autodesk voice.
# Contribute to ongoing process and workflow improvement.
# Participate as a remote member of an extended team, using teleconferencing, Webconferencing, and other technologies to collaborate on individual projects and strategic initiatives.


# Bachelor's Degree plus 7-10 years of editing experience.
# Excellent written and verbal skills in English, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
# Experience working in a high-tech corporate communications environment (client-side) preferred.
# Working knowledge of fundamental marketing, advertising, and branding principles.
# Experience editing a wide range of marketing deliverables, including print, web, direct mail, advertising, events, and sales materials. Experience with high-profile corporate communications (annual reports, corporate overviews, etc.) a major plus.
# Strong client relationship skills, as well as a customer-centric attitude.

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