Monday, July 2, 2007

Farewell from Narda Zacchino

This is a week old, mainly because I've been waiting to get permission from former deputy editor Narda Zacchino to reprint this note she sent to the newsroom. Here it is, in case you missed it (and for those of you wanting to post your farewell on this blog, send it to me):

I want to thank all of you for six terrific years during which I was thrilled at seeing your great stories, columns, photos, graphics, layouts and headlines in this newspaper and on our Web site, day after day. How you all pull that off so well is nothing short of amazing; it's what makes the life of an editor worthwhile.

Thanks also for continuing to produce quality journalism under the duress of budget cuts and downsizing, and for embracing the Internet as a place for enhancing your work through podcasting, videocasting and photo essays.

Phil Bronstein recruited me from the LA Times with a promise that I would have a lot more fun here, and there have been many wonderful moments. I have loved the spirit of this place, the energy of the staff, the friendships I have made and the good work that has made me proud to be an editor here.

I am heading off to finish the book I am co-writing with Mary Tillman about her son, Pat; our deadline is Oct. 1. After that, I come up for air. My e-mail address is Please stay in touch.


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