Saturday, September 22, 2007

Farewell from Kathleen Rhodes

First of all, thank you
to everyone for
the amazing and overwhelming
send-off(s), emails, and well wishes -- it was the best.

I have taken way too long to say goodbye and I have been spotted in and around the Chronicle building a couple of times this week (9/18). I will probably be around a bit going forward as well.

Wordsmithing goodbyes is just not in my "skill set" As everyone has said, talented, passionate, mostly fun people make up the "culture" of the Chronicle and that is still true. The 20 plus years I spent with you have been wonderful (hindsight requires tinted glasses ;> ). I know I expected to be researcher there for another decade or two but things change.

I am not sure what the next phase will be. It has after all only been a week. There are some good things that involve the Guild, which should only last a minute or three. Whatever I do I expect it will be interesting and fun. It more than likely will not have the wonderful mix of people who have made up my life at the paper. The list is enormous, I will miss those connections.

My latest new toy is a turntable with software (Audacity) and a usb cable for converting those old vinyl lps to computer files. Quite fun actually -- get to hear some old stuff and marvel at how short those sides are.

I am around, holler if you want to chat.