Saturday, August 25, 2007

Upcoming departures

Here's a list of folks who plan on departing the Chron in the coming week and beyond, courtesy of Kathleen Rhodes (who is also on the list):

Leaving Frid August 31:
David Armstrong — Business reporter
Paul McHugh — Outdoors reporter
Bill Pates — Letters to the editor
James Sterngold — reporter
Betty Hayes — Classified department
Bill Beninghof — Assoc Acct Exec The Gate
Al Cox — Associate Acct Executive The Gate

Leaving in September:
Rick Nobles, artist graphics dept, Tue 9/4/2007
Vickie Haddock, editor Insight, Wed 9/5/2007
Neivath Cheung, assistant archivist library, Fri 9/7/2007
Kathleen Rhodes, research librarian and unit chair, Thu 9/13/2007

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