Saturday, August 25, 2007

Farewell from Mitch Stephens

Dear colleagues:

Like many of you, I've have had a tough time getting through all the goodbyes the last couple months. Like the subjects we report and write on, everyone has a unique story to be sure. As a full-time staffer here for only four years (worked seven overall) mine certainly isn’t as rich or textured. Also, I “worked” largely in the field so I didn’t get to know many outside of the sports department.

But truly – warning Will Robinson warning, a cliché approaches! – truly it was an utter honor to work alongside so many world-class journalists. When my 5-year-old daughter grows up I’ll be able to tell her I once shared by-lines with Mark Fainaru-Wada and Ron Kroichick, that my stories ran with pictures taken by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers, were edited by ultimate pros like Kurt Aguilar and the legendary Pete Cafone, and enhanced by ground-breaking news reporters such as Henry Lee, Jim Zamora and Demian Bulwa. She’ll have a laugh when I tell her I actually gave future rock stars Rusty Simmons and Will McCulloch a little direction – directions to Castlemont and De La Salle High Schools, that is. She won’t have a clue what it means to be mentored every day by Dave Dayton, but then no words can express what a remarkably unique and expansive experience that has been. A wide smile will have to do. She’ll know I once worked for the best boss on the planet because hopefully one day Glenn Schwarz will double as her soccer coach and start her future career as well. It’s been an utterly enriching ride for me.

Thanks to all, good luck in all endeavors and if ever in need of high school sports contacts – I know there are many of you! – feel free to contact me at any time at or

Mitch Stephens

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