Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seeking help from a career counseling

Here's a second post from former Chron editor and writer John Hubbell. You can find his first post on federal funds for retraining here. In this offering, he talks about a career counselor who helped in his Chronicle afterlife (Ed note: If you know of career counselors or career resouces geared for former journalists, please send them my way):

A few years ago, deciding to move beyond the newsroom was the easy part for me. The big question was: Move where?

It was confusing because I'd loved newspapers all of my life, and changing directions was bracing and downright frightening.

But one of the first steps I took was to see a career counselor. It was easy enough: The person I went to was one of my best friend's mothers, Gina Snyder.

The experience was thoroughly helpful. Over a couple of sessions, I took tests, talked out thoughts and ideas, and walked away with both general and concrete ideas what to do.

I've passed her name onto other journalist friends looking for a change in their lives. They've reported back that they loved working with her as much as I did.

Gina is personable and down to earth. She may have embarrassing childhood photos of me that she can show you, too -- perhaps injecting a little mirth in this otherwise unsettling time.

Gina's phone number is 707-643-8937. Her email is ginas@pacbell.net. That's Vallejo, ye olde homeland.

Some of you sent notes from my last post asking what I've been up to since obtaining (and that's the right verb) my master's degree last month from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. The short version is that I'm consulting on a variety of media projects, and splitting my time between Chapel Hill and Memphis, Tenn. You can check out my company web site, and drop me a line if you'd like, at www.oldbridgemedia.com.

Good luck all,
John Hubbell

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