Monday, June 11, 2007

Job opps: Media trainers

Here are two e-mails describing opportunities for journalists to become media trainers:

I've written a few pieces for (former Chron Insight editor) Jim Finefrock and am gutted by what is going on at the Chronicle.

Anyhow, for what's worth, I'm a former Chicago Trib employee who now works as a journalism trainer in developing countries. I thought it might be worth letting your colleagues know that there might be something worthwhile in this for them, especially if they're not sure what to do next. It can be a good interim thing to do, and a good opportunity to reassess your situation --many of my training colleagues did some journalism training after being laid off or accepting early retirement.

A good place to start would be the International Center for Journalists (and it's Knight program), which issues an online newsletter called IJNET. Others are Internews, Irex, IJF (Independent Journalism Foundation). You can google Media Training Organizations and come up with a host of NGOs that need journalism trainers.

Please don't think I represent ICFJ--I don't...I just think it's a pretty good organization doing good work (as are the others) and might be helpful for your colleagues who finds themselves at a crossroads (or even LOOKING for a crossroads...)

Patti McCracken

And here's the other e-mail

Media Training: Two Opportunities

Here is an opportunity right now for you to try something new with those hard earned journalistic skills. Australia's Media Skills is looking to expand its network into the United States.

There are two opportunities. The first is to play journalist in a media training program starting at the end of June in Northern California. It would give you a chance to check out how media training works and to see if you would like to try your hand at that business. You must have had mainstream media experience – your Chronicle experience is ideal - and if you consider yourself be flexible, versatile and can maintain client confidentiality then this is the job for you.

Playing journalist in a training session means that you conduct practice interviews with a number of participants on nominated topics – the first job requires knowledge of banking/general finance issues here in Northern California and you will be “interviewing” the CEO. You will be required to give feedback and, in real-time, give an overview of what story you will write as a result of that interview.

The second opportunity is to become a media trainer and learning how to run your own media training business.

If interested, call Jane Jordan-Meier at (707)646-2897 or (707) 386-9864. The Media Skills website (currently undergoing a revamp) is

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Anonymous said...

This is Jane Jordan-Meier - you can also reach me by email -

Media Training is fun, stimulating and rewarding. First gig is 28 June so if you are interested please make contact pronto!